Connecting with other worlds via collaboration, food, and eating.
This is creating a new network throughout Athens and beyond,
this is creating Options.

This is what we need!

Piece by Piece

We started with a Bain-marie, a professional sized one that we used for serving hot food at our events. In...


Options Bi-Weekly Workshops

One of our new year’s resolutions was to meet more regularly with each other, and with new people that want...

Creating the Mind Map by adding our ideas and shared experiences to the pre-established themes.

In The Kitchen, We Are All Equal!

This weekend, the FoodLab crew got together to collaboratively write the foundations for our business plan. We organised a field...


Options FoodLab at IdeasCity

We have just finished our biggest event to date, and we needed a rest! The IdeasCity residency program came to...


The Syrian PopUp

Khalid and Yaakhoub worked all day long to prepare the mouth-watering meal we enjoyed on June 4th with a good...


Burnished Wheat

Recently we learned to make traditional Italian pasta by hand. We used artisan flour and learned about history through the...


Learning to Make Falafel

On Tuesday night we got together to learn how to make falafel. Our Instructor, Khalid, moved to Athens from Syria...

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Department of Invitations

To give you a background, Penny Travlou, Natasha Tsangarides, and Jeffrey Andreoni set out last April (2015) to make an...