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We have just finished our biggest event to date, and we needed a rest! The IdeasCity residency program came to an end and we were fortunate to be a part of it. For four nights we provided food for the group of international artists, architects, and activists that were gathered in Athens for IdeasCity, which was hosted y the NEON Foundation.

The residents and guests sitting down to eat. ┬ęPanos Kokkinias

The residents and guests sitting down to eat. ┬ęPanos Kokkinias

We did four nights of different cuisines, starting with Syrian, and moving everyday to something else. Tuesday was Senegambian, then Algerian, and then Nigerian food on the last day. We were pleased with the results, managing to surpass the expectations of the organizers and the guests as well.


The Serving line at IdeasCity, with Taher, Addisalem, and Iyad on the buffet.

The team that assembled around this project was quite numerous. While in the kitchen, we were speaking up to 5 languages at once! It wouldn’t have been possible to communicate with everyone without our multilingual team filling in the gaps. Surely a professional company would have far less people working, but we weren’t working; we were having fun, and that is the spirit of the project. Newcomers and locals alike are discovering that serious, dignified work doesn’t have to be tiring and boring.

The residents sitting down to eat the food.

The residents sitting in the courtyard while the weather is still nice.

A result of this work has recently been published in two outlets, specifically Efsyn.gr and also mentioned in Frieze magazine. This has brought us a lot of attention, and our calendar is quite booked for the coming months, so sign up to our mailing list or FB page to keep up on our upcoming events.

Special thanks to Mama Roux, Ecclesia-Ex, Nomadiki Kouzina, Babel, and UAWO for their help and support.

BIG THANKS to: Pati, Addisalem, Iyad, Vassilia, Nikos, Ida,Esther, Yaakhoub, Penny, Jeff, Radia, Natalia, Taher, Cheikh, and Babou. Wouldn’t have been possible without everyone working together.

HUGE THANKS to: Mavan, Slava, Rita, Johanna. The Kurdish family who was backing us up all the way.

Rita causing mischief in the delivery van!

Rita causing mischief in the delivery van!